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Epoxy / Polyurethane Floor Coatings

Solid Color with Random Chips:

The solid color is our most affordable and most popular floor coating.  This floor system has two layers of solid color epoxy with chips and a non-skid additive to prevent slipping when wet.  In addition we topcoat the floor with a polyurethane to help resistant chemicals, oil, rust, tire marks, and salt.  This system takes two to three days to complete with two to cure before vehicle traffic.

All Chip Floor:

The all chip floor is just that, we embed paint chips between two layers of epoxy, which gives the floor a more decorative look.  These floors have endless color designs.  The all-chip floor is becoming more and more popular in the Twin Cities.  It too is slip resistant and has a urethane topcoat.

Double Broadcast Quartz Floor:

This flooring option has the best durability of all the flooring options.  This is a five layer flooring system.  It is designed for appearance, but built as an indestructible floor coating.


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